Fancy our delicious brownies (and sometimes blondies) sent to you once a month?  Choose from a three, six or twelve month subscription and have a box of four delicious brownies sent straight to your door every month! 


Each month we will send you a new limited edtion flavour of brownies or blondies.


This Month is CADBURYS CREAM EGG BROWNIES! (Sent out 29th March)


These delicious brownies stay fresh for well over a week so plenty of time to enjoy!  


Delivery is included in the price so not additional charges will be added at check out! 


3 Month Subscription is £42 (£14 per month)

6 Month Subscription is £72 (£12 per month)

12 Month Subscription is £120 (£10 per month)

Brownie Subscription!

  • We post our brownies out first class but we cannot guarantee next day delivery. Our subscription boxes fir through a standard letter box - so nice and easy!

    Once you receive your brownies keep them in their packaging or in a sealed container ,in a cool area away from direct sunlight.

    The best before date and ingredients will be included in your box of brownies but for allergy information, our ingredients may include Milk, Butter, Soya, Gluten, and Egg. This product may contain Nuts.