Gin Is In!!!

I have always enjoyed a G&T, yes a refreshing long drink with a slice of lime is my cup of tea (so to speak!). The rise in popularity has encouraged me to devise new and interesting cake recipes for a Gin festival we recently attended - six different flavoured Gin cupcakes, and you know what, I could have made more variations! Gin and Rose, Ginger Ale and Gin, Apple, Elderflower and Gin, Pimms (yes Gin based!), Lemon, Rosemary and Gin and of course a G&T!!! I have taken a step in to the world of botanicals that I simply can't come back from! Having taken it upon myself to try the various gins available at the festival I have become a complete enthusiast! My particular favourites being Bloom Gin - great with strawberries! Gin Mare and Monkey 27. If you get the chance to sample them, it's certainly worth it! But my fascination goes further! I shall be developing some Gin combinations perfect for this autumn - so watch this space! Chin chin!

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