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Boozy Bakers Tea Party
Boozy Bakers Box of 12 strawberries and Chocolate
Boozy Bakers Baileys and Maltesers
Boozy Bakers Wedding Cake
Boozy Bakers Girls Mix
Boozy Bakers Boozy Banoffee
Boozy Bakers Salted Caramel and Chocolate
Boozy Bakers Prosecco Canapes
Boozy Bakers Amaretto
Boozy Bakers Elegant Mix 12
Whisky & Ginger

Just a little message from us...

Hi, and welcome to Boozy Bakers! We offer treats across the UK through our online shop  - take a peek, it's filled with amazing products!  Our cakes and brownies are our best sellers along with our hand made marshmallows, not to mentions our new loaded cookies! 
For those of you more local, We make a wide variety of celebration cakes and wedding cakes - you can find just a few on our gallery or follow us on Facebook for our weekly creations.  You might even see our van out on it's deliveries (you can't miss it) dropping off treat boxes safely at your door - we're making fresh cream teas daily! 
And of course we want to stay interactive, offering you something to do whether you are home alone or wanting to engage with your company team.  Check out our new corporate BUSINESS BAKE OFF! A great way to bring the team together and we are offering you new ways to engage with your audience, promoting you through our social media challenges and of course, the winner from your team!  We've also added virtual birthday parties to our website for all ages which is great fun!
For the keen bakers or those wanting to have a go - we have a YouTube channel full of great recipes to try out so make sure you take a look and subscribe! You can even buy our recipe books - we've added these to our shop online page.
And if you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to get in touch - we are happy to help!
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Check out our recipes on our YouTube Channel!

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Recipe Books available on Amazon!

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